Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adapting to the New Economy: An Annotated Bibliography

My research process has been centered heavily around Google Reader. I have a large "business folder" that includes many business article and info websites that I have subscribed to. This was the start of my research, but then was added to largely by my research through the BYU databases of scholarly journals. I found many more people and resources to search through by that medium. I also spent some time searching people and pages on Google+, although it can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating, It is incredible what we can access and learn through the internet.

Our business group is doing our ebook chapter about how the digital world has created a major shift and has even revolutionized the world of business. We have coined "the new economy" as a term that describes the new world of business via digital technology. I have been doing my research specifically about how business owners/producers and consumers can adapt to the new economy. This bibliography centers around the aspect of adaptation in the new economy that the digital revolution has created.

Further Reading:

Oudan, R. (2010). Strategic decision-making in the emerging field of E-commerce. International Journal of Management and Information Systems, 14(2), 19-26.
In this Scholarly article, Oudan talks all about E-commerce, that is, business via technology. He explains how it has changed the form of business and clearly shows how we truly are living in a "new economy." Oudan supports a lot of the ideas that we have about technology in the business world and its effects. He also gives examples of what people have to do to adapt and change-- specifically supporting my part of our ebook. [I found this using the BYU library database. I did a specific search for scholarly articles using the key word phrase "adapting to technology" and decided upon this article because it is most inclusive of all the ideas we are addressing in our chapter.]

 Millison, Doug; Moon, Michael. Firebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age, (Aug 14, 2000)
This book is written for business owners and is encouraged to be distributed among specific people within their business. The strategies needed to have a thriving business in the changing world of business are outlined; the book also highlights "branding" so that your company establishes itself in the world of e-commerce. I chose this because much of the adapting process requires knowledge about the skill set and methods for getting your business name established in the new economy of the digital age. [I found this book by searching Google Books. I chose it because from that search, it was the most current book I could find and most relevant.]

Papa, W. H., & Papa, M. J. (1992). Communication network patterns and the re-invention of new technology. Journal of Business Communication, 29(1), 41-61.
This Scholarly article goes into detail about communication within a business. Papa explores the effects of changing technology and the need for employees to adapt and change; of course, they aren't going to be able to make the necessary changes without being able to communicate the changes that need to be made. This article is for business owners who want their employees to be on top of the changing new economy. I chose this because it is, I believe, key information for readers interested in entering into or adapting their running business to the new economy. [I found this using the BYU library database. It was found using the "adapting to technology" search as well for scholarly articles.]

Thought Leaders:

Robert Scoble ( Scoble is a tech geek. I love reading his posts because he is not ashamed about what he does or his deep interest in technology. You can read more about him and where he grew up here: ( I chose him as a thought leader because in order to adapt in the new economy, business men have got to be up with technology and know the websites to go to and how to use resources available. [I found Scoble from a Google+ search for people and pages using the key word "adapting to technology in the business world"].

Marsha Collier ( Collier is very well known in the e-commerce world of business. She is very well accredited and is open to give speeches, forums, or do consulting work for businesses. Collier has established herself in and made contribution to the ebay platform--how to be involved on such digital business grounds as ebay. I chose her because the adaptation to the new economy must require knowledge about online buying and selling--she is open and willing to share and is full of great knowledge. [I found Collier from a Google+ search for people and pages using the key word "adapting to technology in the business world"].

Jeff Clavier ( Ranging from local Silicon Valley keynotes or panel discussions to international conferences, Clavier shares his passion for building Internet startups, angel and VC investing, innovation and entrepreneurship. Jeff has produced a number of technology conferences and was a founding co-chair of the SDForum Search Special Interest Group. His influence can help people who are just about to enter the business world and he can contribute much to integrating business and technology. [I found Clavier from a Google+ search for people and pages using the key word "adapting to technology in the business world"].

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