Saturday, March 31, 2012

Increase in E-commerce

I did a research paper for my Mcom class -- I actually posted it on my blog this week, but I wasn't able to copy over the graph I made showing the Revenue for Amazon. I found this one online so I was able to copy the URL. I have no idea who made this one or the sources, but all I need is the visual showing the increase--it looks quite similar to the one that I made. Mine was made from the numbers that Amazon reported--I got it directly from their financial statements.

The point is: LOOK AT THE INCREASE! It is amazing to see what has happened in the past ten years. E-commerce has skyrocketed. This is a major part to the changing dynamics of Business in the current digital revolution or "information age."

I find it interesting because the question remains: If you were to be a business person, what would you do--depend on the small retail-style,walk-in business or would you go straight to E-commerce? With the dominance of E-commerce and the change that we have seen in the business world, is it possible to open a new business 'shop' and have success?

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