Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As I have looked back over my posts, I have realized quickly that I have this part of me that is about risks--about putting ourselves out there. There is something innate in me about exploration and about change. I have been highly influenced by words from local friends and leaders; that influence has been challenged by many others outside of my local life.

I have always put much thought into the ability of an individual to break out of molds. It has gone through different phases; from religion and belief to poverty to education and even to intelligence. How much of us is fixed--just us--that cannot be changed? And how much power is truly in the individual human being to BE and DO and BECOME? What are our limitations?

I have thought about other people around me while growing up and have looked at where they are now. I have also looked at those I associate now during my university experience; I look at their abilities and talents. Those that are good students--smart--have probably and 90 percent chance that they were BIG readers in their youth and growing up. They, especially, are the ones with a good vocabulary.

I look at the athletes among us; look at the youth and growing up. They, most likely, came from a family that played basketball or football every time there was a question proposed about a game for family home evening; the sport pick was always the winner.

I look at the political leaders. What kind of family did they come from--what kind of things influenced them? Why did end up in those positions?

What about successful people in the business world. Doctors. When looking into those individuals' lives, often a major source of influence can be found that lead them to be or do or become what they are.

I have talked about a few different successful men in my blog posts. I have explored the environments that make for innovative individuals. I have talked a little bit about the law of attraction. I have also talked about education--how to facilitate growth, development, and expansion. And I have talked about the power of thought. As I have pondered on some of these things and spilled out some of my random thoughts on this page, I have reverted back to the driving force in my research and blogging--my thesis. It is along the lines of humanistic power and ability; it is more about how to initiate or bring out or start up that human power and ability in the individual. When the individual is empowered and improved, collectively, the society will be improved. Focus on digital mastery in education will enable the individual to use resources available that are vastly greater than ever before; this type of education will naturally lead the individual to search out and develop innate skills of success. Individuals will become free in their thought and in their possibilities and abilities and the society will naturally be improved from their contribution.

Now begins the real fun of investigating and improving this thesis further!

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