Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Digital World

I've had a lot of thoughts recently about everything and/or anything that has to do with the internet. This class has caused a lot more thinking about my involvement in the digital world. There is much going on around us- so much happening in the world. Technology is increasing every day. Although many may not currently be aware of the digital world, it is vast. I have often been intimidated by it. I have also had a lot of conflicting thoughts about it. I have often wondered the effects that come from high participation in the digital world. There has been some type of fear in me at different times. Or maybe at times it has been pride; I've thought, "I don't need any of that.." almost as if I'm too good for it. But I have slowly come to realize the good in it. I've also learned that there is much benefit that I can receive if I use the resources available from modern technology. I have grown in appreciation for the access and availability we have of so many different resources because of the internet. It truly has changed the world. Before, I have thought that the negative changes from the internet have out-weighed the positive changes, but now I feel like the positive changes may be greater. I have had some hesitation and even some resistance in getting myself involved in blogspot, google+, etc. because of these conflicting thoughts I have about all the digitized modern world that has been around me. I feel a bit slow in getting involved. It's been more like.. walking slowly into the pool rather than jumping right in. 

Recently, my wife and I have had some good conversations about the rise of the modernized, digitized world and how it might be effecting individual and/or family life. It's been difficult to put my finger or, as my wife and I discussed, to put our finger on very specific things, but I'm sure others have written on this subject and I could find concise bullets of the effects of our modern digital world. In the past year, I have tried to get myself integrated more into the digital world. I have seen it grow and become a major thread in the human society. As I have thought much about my future and the roles I will have possibly in leadership, career, and home(father and husband). I have felt that if I don't get into the digital world to know how it works it will be much to my disadvantage. I could be more effective and resourceful as a human being living in this modern world if I was well-versed in modern technology. I have worked hard in changing my attitude towards it and in the process, have invested much time into learning the iPad. This piece of modern technology is now my text book, daily calendar, class notes, catalyst to information via internet, dictionary, newspaper, calculator, scriptures, music, map, camera, alarm clock, and more. It feels as if MY WHOLE LIFE IS IN IT. I am nothing without it. YIKES, that's where it gets a bit scary. The line is right around that statement. I am happy investing time into and creating a very useful tool with it wherein my daily activities are accelerated and/or enhanced, but the moment it becomes more important in my mind than my life--my breath, wife, verbal conversation and human interaction--it becomes a power for the worse and the very most important things in life suffer. My wife's body language and interaction has screamed, "I want you and NOTHING ELSE- No iPad, No YouTube- just YOU." Modern technology can be one giant distraction that can destroy lives and relationships. If that is where it takes me, I don't want to touch it. But if I can use it for the good in it without giving up myself and losing all that matters to me, count me in. I feel that this is a balance that's briefly been touched on in this post, but it is a balance that becomes a responsibility if we step very far into the digital world. 

How it is used for good: (specifically, blogs)

...interesting. Just two things that you don't have to look any farther than the home page of to find that apply directly to this conversation about the digital world.

I know that there is a lot more tools I can use to make a post more appealing and to create hot buttons to take you to a certain website in a much more fashionable way than a copy and paste of the URL, but I haven't become that acquainted with Blogger to do those things yet and haven't had the time.

...More to come.  :)

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